Wondering who’s who in the Four Pillars family?

Abhainn Macleod (They/Them) – LGBT+ Outreach Coordinator

I’m one of the LGBT+ Outreach Coordinators for Aberdeenshire. In my role, I promote community engagement and support LGBTQ+ people living in Aberdeenshire by organising social events and awareness campaigns, providing one-to-one support sessions, networking with other organisations, and representing Four Pillars at external events.
When not at work, I might be researching loose leaf teas or listening to music.

Andrew Brown (He/Him) – Social Media and Communications

I am the social media and communications officer here at Four Pillars. I’m 32 and I love dogs more than most humans, can you blame me? I feel so blessed to be part of the amazing team we have here. When not in work I can usually be found out wandering the city with music blasting in my ears, reading, cooking or watching cute dog videos online for hours on end. 

Alina Huck (She/Her) – Support & Development Worker

I am a Support & Development Worker, who originally joined the Four Pillars team as an Awareness & Education Volunteer. 
I grew up in Germany and moved to Aberdeen after getting my degree in Cognitive Science.
In my free time I like to play board games with friends, read and spend time at the beach. I would love to have my own dog one day but for now, I enjoy playing with other people’s dogs. 

Carol Stevenson (She/Her) – Admin Assistant

I have recently joined Four Pillars as an Admin Assistant.  It is fantastic to be working in a great place and being part of a friendly, supportive and fun team.

Deejay Bullock (He/Him) – Chief Executive Officer

I became interested in community support & sexual health after I was diagnosed with HIV in 2009, after several years of battling depression, I wanted to give back and prevent others from experiencing similar situations. Following 4 years in sexual health services, I expanded my knowledge and remit and founded Four Pillars to support the LGBT+ community more holistically. I’ve had many roles within the organisation and still help out wherever I can to ensure everything runs smoothly and people are getting the right support. Outside of the organisation, as if Four Pillars wasn’t my home, I enjoy going for long walks, socialising, dancing, and meeting new people. 

Jakub Ivanecky (He/Him ) – PATH Project Worker

I am 22-years old. Born in Eastern Slovakia, I have been living in Aberdeen for a few years now, and recently finished my undergraduate degree in History at the University of Aberdeen. I have recently joined the PATH project organized in liaison with Four Pillars and Grampian Regional Equality Council. The goal of the project is to raise awareness and visibility of marginalized groups, focusing on LGBT+ people and ethnic minorities.

Jennifer Johnstone (She/They) – Training Coordinator

Greetings, I’m Jen and my role is to deliver our Awareness Training to corporate and individual clients, as well as manage training for our staff and volunteers. With a background in retail, I’m adept at matching problems with my solutions toolkit while adapting to the needs of situation. Armchair historian, voracious reader, RPG gamer and Fantasy Lore Nerd.

Layla Wilson (She/Her) – Support & Development Worker

I originally came to Four Pillars as a service user in August 2022 and started volunteering shortly after as a way to give back to the community and build my confidence around other people. This lead to me having a passion for the work that is done by the charity and taking a step further to become a Support & Development Worker. I Enjoy my time spent in the hub meeting new and returning services users alike and look forward to meeting many more. Also cats are better than dogs. Just Saying.

Linda Reid (She/Her) – Volunteer Coordinator

I am here to help support all our amazing Volunteers as Volunteer Coordinator.
I love going to the theatre, especially to see Musicals, and can be regularly found in the cinema but only if it’s a child friendly film as I am a real coward when it comes to horrors and gore!
I own two cats and have been known to chase cats down the street just to say hello! 

Micah Daigeaun (She/Her) – Funding Manager

Before becoming Funding Manager at Four Pillars, I worked as an IT Business Analyst in the Finance sector for over a decade. Using my experience in analysis and project development, I am now responsible for identifying and communicating with funding sources. Through this role, I let others know how vital Four Pillars is to the LGBT+ community in North East Scotland. In my spare time, when not listening to music that sounds like it came from the 80’s, I’m a dedicated runner and advocate for LGBT+ inclusion in sport.

Reagan Broadbent (She/Her) – Support & Development Worker

I’m one of the Support and Development Workers here at Four Pillars and you’ll typically find me in 4 Unity. I am passionate about supporting others with their health and wellbeing and making sure every visit to 4 Unity is a positive experience. I’m a proud lesbian who is completely animal daft and in my free time you’ll typically find me either painting, out on walks with my dog or meeting up with friends and family.  

Robyn Benson (They/Them) – LGBT+ Inclusion Advisor

In my role as LGBT+ Inclusion Advisor I’m here to provide one-to-one support to young people and deliver LGBT+ awareness training to school communities with the aim of creating a better and more inclusive environment for LGBT+ community across Aberdeenshire. Outside of Four Pillars, I’m an Artist, Maker, DIY’er and professional dog parent.

Ruin Carroll (They/Them) – LGBT+ Outreach Coordinator

I’m one of Four Pillars’ LGBT+ Outreach work focuses primarily on Aberdeen City (although you can occasionally find them helping out in The Shire).Like all Outreach Coordinators,  my role requires me to represent Four Pillars at external events, liaise with various organisations in the city, arrange and attend LGBT+ community and social events, provide one-to-one support sessions and offer third-party reporting for those who need it.When I’m not working, you can find me skateboarding, making music, and writing weird fiction.

Tyler Green (They/Them) – LGBT+ Outreach Coordinator

I am 17 years old and the LGBT+ Outreach Coordinator for Moray. I hope to boost a sense of community in the Moray area through attending and organizing social events in the Moray area as well as networking with other organizations. I also provide one-to-one sessions with anybody who needs or wants somebody to talk to. While not working I am most likely playing or planning a game of dungeons and dragons or Studying art at college.