Wondering who’s who in the Four Pillars family?

Deejay Bullock (He/Him) – Chief Executive Officer

I became interested in community support & sexual health after I was diagnosed with HIV in 2009, after several years of battling depression, I wanted to give back and prevent others from experiencing similar situations. Following 4 years in sexual health services, I expanded my knowledge and remit and founded Four Pillars to support the LGBT+ community more holistically. Now I try to ensure everything runs smoothly and people are getting the right support. Outside of the organisation, as if Four Pillars wasn’t my home, I enjoy going for long walks, socialising, dancing, and meeting new people. 

Connor Thornton (he/They) –  Support & Development Worker

Hola, I am Connor and I think I’m funny. I’m also one of the Support & Development workers helping to run the 4Unity hub & café (in a perfect world an actual “coffee” shop). I got involved with Four Pillars through the open mic events and was inspired to give back to and be more involved with the LGBT+ community instead of doing it from the sofa.  I absolutely love music and am the creator and curator of the world’s greatest playlist aka “The Infinite Playlist” which can be heard whenever I am at 4Unity. I also love quizzes, words, and professional wrestling.

Layla Wilson (She/Her) – Support & Development Worker

I originally came to Four Pillars as a service user in August 2022 and started volunteering shortly after as a way to give back to the community and build my confidence around other people. This lead to me having a passion for the work that is done by the charity and taking a step further to become a Support & Development Worker. I Enjoy my time spent in the hub meeting new and returning services users alike and look forward to meeting many more. Also cats are better than dogs. Just Saying.

Jakub Ivanecky (He/Him ) – LGBT+ Outreach Coordinator

I have been living in Aberdeen for a few years now, and working on a part time Masters degree at the University of Aberdeen. Having worked on the PATH Project for the past 2 years, highlighting LGBT+ Heritage and History. I recently took on the role of LGBT+ Outreach Coordinator, so I can highlight our services across multiple sectors at external events and outreach activities, and deliver new and exciting workshops for the community.
Outside of my work I enjoy art, mainly music and performance, video games, as well as history of all kinds and formats.

Jennifer Johnstone (She/They) – LGBT+ Outreach Coordinator/Training Coordinator

Greetings All! I’m one of our Outreach Coordinators, arranging and attending events across Aberdeenshire, as well as liaising with local support organisations and providing one-to-one support. I also deliver our Awareness Training sessions, as well as manage the training for our staff and volunteers. With a background in retail, I’m adept at matching problems with my solutions toolkit while adapting to the needs of any situation. Armchair historian, voracious reader, RPG Gamer and Fantasy Lore Nerd.

Caitlin Fraser (She/Her) – LGBT+ Inclusion Advisor

Hello! I’m a LGBT+ Inclusion Advisor so I provide one-to-one support to young people and deliver LGBT+ awareness training to school communities with the aim of creating a better and more inclusive environment for the LGBT+ community across Aberdeenshire. When I’m not at work, I enjoy travelling to new places and learning about different cultures, I also love all things crafty like calligraphy and DIY projects!

Linda Reid (She/Her) – Volunteer Coordinator

I am here to help support all our amazing Volunteers as Volunteer Coordinator.
I love going to the theatre, especially to see Musicals, and can be regularly found in the cinema but only if it’s a child friendly film as I am a real coward when it comes to horrors and gore!
I own two cats and have been known to chase cats down the street just to say hello!