Four Pillars will ensure that we work with each individual regarding their sexual health. Four Pillars will supply condoms and lubrication to all service users as a basic, essential need to look after their own and their partners’ sexual health.

Four Pillars will work with each individual to identify their personal needs and endeavour to work with them on their mental, emotional and physical health before addressing their sexual health. This means we can be sure that each individual is in the right place and state of mind to address their sexual behaviours in order to reduce the risk of HIV & STIs whilst maintaining the sex they desire.

Four Pillars will support any individual that requires HIV & STI testing and signpost them to the relevant services. If the service user requests, Four Pillars trained one-to-one volunteers, will support the individual to the clinic and continue to support them afterwards. Blood-Borne Virus (BBV) home testing kits are also available at 4Unity free of charge and can be collected during opening times. However, we would only recommend this method of HIV testing if there are no other sexual health concerns.

Four Pillars will work with individuals to help them look at their sexual activities and aim to reduce the risks of HIV & STIs in the future by either adopting other practices or other protection methods.

Four Pillars will work with service users diagnosed with HIV and/or AIDS and support them where necessary. This includes group and/or individual support. Emotional, physical and mental health support and sign posting.