The Scottish LGBTI+ Rainbow Mark is a new initiative to:

  1. Increase positive LGBTI+ visibility
  2. Provide information and tools to enable better LGBTI+ inclusion
  3. Reduce isolation and minority stress for LGBTI+ people
  4. Create more welcoming places in Scotland
  5. Reflect a genuine desire to recognise and respect LGBTI+ diversity and inclusion across Scotland

The Scottish LGBTI+ Rainbow Mark is a visible sign or ‘symbol’ displayed in social places across Scotland. Social places include anything from cafes and restaurants to gyms and libraries; anywhere where people come together socially.

The Scottish LGBTI+ Rainbow Mark has been developed in consultation with LGBTI+ communities and demonstrates a commitment to the principles of LGBTI+ inclusion.

You can read more about the Scottish LGBTI+ Rainbow Mark in our Rainbow Mark Guidance booklet.

Developed and delivered by the Scottish LGBTI+ Rainbow Partnership