Why is it called Grampian Pride? We wanted to ensure that our Pride is open to everyone. By calling it Aberdeen Pride it says that it is limited to the city folk and people in the shire felt excluded. Pride is about coming together and being open to everyone, so we called it after our beloved region.

When is Grampian Pride? Grampian Pride® will take place on 25th May 2024, it is always held on the last Saturday in May every year.

Where is Grampian Pride? The parade will take place on Union Street, leaving from Holburn Junction at 11am and the village will be located at Duthie Park

What is the theme? The theme is “just be yourself” so literally, do that. Dress yourself anyway you want, and be proud of it. Just don’t offend, and NO nudity.

Is there a dress code? There is no dress code as we want you to be yourself. However, No nudity please. Remember Aberdeen City is a family area and you will be parading through the centre of it. At the Village we also welcome young people and families so again please dress appropriately. And besides, this is Aberdeen – it ain’t gonna look ‘pretty’ wet

Is there any age restrictions? Everyone is welcome at Grampian Pride® and we have certainly got enough to entertain the whole family but if you are under 12 years old you will need to be accompanied by an adult at all times. This is not to ruin your fun, but simply to make sure you are safe. We also recommend that young children have a 2nd wristband with emergency contact details on. These will be supplied free of charge at the main gate on the day of pride.

Is there alcohol allowed? No alcohol is allowed on the parade, Laws prohibit street drinking so please don’t do it. You will be pulled up, and could face a fine from Police Scotland. Alcohol will be served at the village for over 18s but please don’t bring your own! We will do bag searches as you enter and either refuse you entry or ask that you leave the alcohol to be destroyed. And by destroyed, you know it’s going to someone’s Christmas party, right…

Are pets allowed? Yes of course, but please keep them on a lead at all times. Also, if your pet, or you, foul on the grass, road or track please clear it up. We will see you and we will ask you to leave, you could also face a fine from ACC.

I’ve seen things happening around the city you haven’t advertised! why is that?Simply put, people love to make a profit. We try to protect you, our community as much as possible, however there is only so much we can do in this regard. If we haven’t advertised it, it means it is not happening through Grampian Pride® and therefore they are NOT giving back to your community, they are simply cashing in on your Parade.

Grampian Pride® is a registered trademark and therefore anyone using the name/logo without permission can be prosecuted in court. If you are planning on promoting your own activities around Grampian Pride® please ensure you have the permission of the committee and Four Pillars board of Trustees before doing so.

How is Grampian Pride funded? We rely on sponsors and donations to bring this FREE event to the city. Pride costs around £80,000 each year and our main income is therefore through sponsors. However, we ensure each sponsor is committed to supporting our community and not just “rainbow washing”. Each of our sponsors are dedicated to LGBT+ inclusivity all year round and many of them complete our LGBT+ Awareness training every year to ensure their staff are up to date and inclusive. If you would like to support Grampian Pride, either through sponsorship or donations please get in touch.


When is the parade?Please congregate on Albyn Place between 9.30am and 10:30am. We will set off from Holburn Junction at 11:00am and proceed slowly down Union Street, turning left on to Union Terrace, Right on to School Hill and ending at Marischal College.

Do I need a ticket for the Parade? No one needs a ticket for the parade, just turn up on time!

How do I register a Group/Charity? Anyone can take part in the parade for free, you do not need to register as a group/charity, simply turn up in plenty of time and queue.

Who leads the Parade? This year we want our people to lead the parade, but to do so we want you to dress in one of the colours of the rainbow. So when the parade leaves Holburn Junction people see a sea of rainbow coming along Union Street, up Union Terrace and through School Hill. For more information and to register interest please visit our main Grampian Pride page.

Is there an order when we arrive? Other than the rainbow walk leads. There is no queue order on the day, so please respect each other and avoid queue jumping where possible. Obviously, if you are a part of a larger group and you are running late please join you group in the line-up, I’m sure those around you won’t mind too much.

Can we have a float?Unfortunately, due to the continued uncertainty and the financial costs involved, for both you and us. We have decided not to have floats at this years event.

Can we have a banner on the parade? Yes banners are allowed, why not share with others that your charity/organisation/business is a proud supporter of LGBT rights and Grampian Pride. Just ensure it has NO bad language on it and it does not offend others, slander anyone else or go against Grampian Pride’s beliefs.

What is allowed in the parade? Have fun! Costumes, music, flags, noisemakers, banners, balloons and smiles all welcome! Please no swearing, smoking, alcohol/drug consumption, nudity, offensive slogans/images, glass bottles or open flames. The streets will be lined with supporters – if your group is handing out flyers/freebies, please only give to people who want them – We have cleaners following the parade but let’s make this easy for everyone.

Is there disabled access?The Parade is accessible for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility. The Parade route is approximately 1 mile or 1.6km long, and the surface of Union Street may be uneven in places – but you are welcome to be part of the parade, even if you can’t join us for the whole route.

Is there transport between the parade and village? We are unable to put on specific transport between Broad Street and Duthie Park. However, we have been working close with our sponsor, First Bus, and you will be able to get the Number 17 or 18 Pride Bus from Tesco Express or KFC on Union Street to Duthie Park. (please check the First Bus website for routes and times due to closures)

*A reminder if you are not planning on attending the village you do not need a wristband* you can cancel this ticket, which will allow someone else to attend the village and enjoy the entertainment.


Do I need a ticket for the Village area? Yes, although FREE, we need people to have tickets, so we can ensure your safety – Tickets will be exchanged for wristbands on arrival.

Where do I get tickets? Tickets are available exclusively through our APP. Not only does this make it quicker and easier to get wristbands at the main gate, it also cuts out unnecessary costs through third-party apps. Meaning that we can concentrate on giving you a GREAT event.

How do I exchange my ticket for a wristband? Once you have ordered your ticket simply turn up at the Village from 1pm on Saturday 25th The main entrance is located at the bottom of the park, South Gate, There is a disabled entrance, for wheel chair users, to the West of the site, and VIP entrance through the North Gate.

What are VIP Tickets, and how much are they? VIP tickets are available for £10 each (early-bird), £12 from 25th April. A VIP ticket will allow you to exchange your ticket for a wristband early. This cuts out waiting times at the gate. VIP ticket holders also have a private gate (known as the north gate) to shorten queuing times. A VIP area is available at the front of the stage, this will allow you to get close to the performers and maybe even take some wonderful selfies afterwards. A VIP only bar is also available in this area. The cost of VIP tickets come straight back to the charity and therefore by having a VIP ticket you are contributing to the costs of the event directly.

How do we get access? We have 3 gates available: South/Main Gate – for general ticket holders, North/VIP Gate – for VIP Ticket Holders, West/Accessible Gate, for those with additional needs.

Disabled viewing at main stage. We have a dedicated space for those in wheelchairs or who need to sit. We also have BSL interpreters on stage from 1-6 for our hard of hearing and deaf community. 

What is happening in the Village? We have lots planned for the Village area, including 5 hours of entertainment, bouncy castles, fire engines, charity engagements, freebees, silent disco, face painting, story time, games, and much more. for further details visit our main pride page.

Who is performing at Grampian Pride? This year, like all year’s, we have a great line-up for you! We have not one, not two but THREE headliners to cater to more crowds. Local rock band; Gaslight Project will be on first. Followed by 2022 Eurovision entry; Subwoolfer, and last but certainly not least, Ru Paul Drag Race Star; Cheryl Hole. Other local performances will be on throughout the day. For a full line-up please visit our main Grampian Pride page.

Can we have a stall? We do have a charity tent available for FREE stalls. However, there is a limited number of spaces and a great number of charities. If you would like a stall; please register your interest by completing the online form in the Apply tab above before February. We will announce the charity list in March. We are NOT offering commercial stalls. Due to limited space, we want to keep the stalls open for charities that directly support the community.

Is there parking at Duthie Park? THERE IS NO PARKING AT THE VILLAGE. There is strictly no parking in neighbour’s carparks, or side streets around Duthie Park. Please be considerate of our neighbours the roads are narrow and parking is limited. They need to safely get in and out of their homes. so the simple answer is – leave the car at home! Disabled parking is available accessing the carpark along Riverside Dr.

Bag checks! For health and safety reasons, Bags may be searched upon entry to the Pride Village, and bags larger than a general size rucksack will not be allowed in. Any alcohol, illegal drugs, glass bottles or weapons will be confiscated. Please don’t bring in liquids, including bottled water, this is because the security cannot eliminate it’s possibility of being alcohol. Free water will be available onsite

Medication! You can bring medication and of course baby formula with you. For health and safety reasons, this must be reported and confirmed by our medical team. *This is highly important in case of loss, or administration needs (such as insulin or heart medication, etc.) 

What is the “family zone”? The “family zone” area will be fenced separately from other parts of Pride. This is because no alcohol will be allowed in this section of the village. Inside will be an Alcohol FREE bar, the bouncy castles (including adult castle), face painting and fun games. Adults are allowed in as this area is not a creche, so please don’t leave your children unattended at any time.

Can I bring my dog? Yes! You can bring your dog, our rule is simple: we will look after you, you look after your pet. You are responsible for your pet’s wellbeing including ensuring it is comfortable with the high noise levels and thousands of people around them and of course other animals. The dog MUST be on a lead at all times and you are required to clear up after your animal if it makes a mess. You will be asked on entry to show you have doggy bags and provisions for your pet before entering the village.

Alcohol & Smoking. There is alcohol served on site for those over 18. But please don’t be tempted to bring your own! You will be searched upon entry and any alcohol confiscated before you will be allowed in. If you are seen with alcohol, not purchased on site, it will be confiscated, and you will be asked to leave. Cheerz are supplying the beer tent with great deals and a fast service. All other alcohol laws apply, no under 18’s will be served, and challenge 25 will be in force so if you are under 25 or lucky enough to look it please bring ID. If you are not sure, bring it anyway! If you are drunk, you will be refused service and may be asked to leave the village. Smoking is allowed onsite – please be respectful of people around you.

What’s happening afterwards? LOTS! We have teamed up with our official sponsors & supporters to bring you a full weekend of fun, for more information on activities after the Village please see our Pride app.

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