Participants are asked to send in their clip  to via, stating their category. After submission participants will be emailed to acknowledge download and be provided with a copy of the event poster, participants will be asked to share this to get gain votes. 

Participants can upload their submissions on social media using #grampianlipsync to gain followers, promote the main event and get votes. If you choose to use TikTok to record your clip, add #grampianlipsync when posting and don’t forget to send the clip to via 

On 30th April 2021 at 8pm the event will go live online hosted by Grant Martin. 


Each clip will be shown in category order. Once all clips in the category have been played, viewers will be asked to vote via our website for their favourite contestant. Votes cost 50p each, (25% Off 3 or more votes) individuals can vote as many times as they choose. 

The person with the most votes in each round will go through to the final. 

 finalists will then compete again (their prerecorded lip sync will be re-played) and viewers can then vote for their OVERALL favourite. 

Votes from previous rounds WILL be counted in the final (so no need to vote again if you don’t want to but every vote counts) 

must be social media family friendly”. 

Clips must be recorded in Landscape. 

Clips must be between 60 and 180 seconds long. 

Whilst we understand and promote creativity, clips must not offend any viewers: 

No nudity, No bad language, No Profanity, No Propaganda, No Political posts, NO DISCRIMINATION 

Clips will be viewed by a panel first and if found unfit participant will be notified and offered to submit a different clip. 

Register today!

Simply fill in this quick form so we know to expect your video and can prepare your chosen category.


Submissions should be in no later than 20th April if you have filled in this form 5th April if you haven’t