4ever Friends is a befriending service for the local LGBT+ community. Its aim is to reduce isolation, loneliness and depression by introducing you to services where you can meet some 4everfriends. Volunteer “buddies” will be able to support individuals and offer a hand in introducing you into other services such as drop-in / groups.

They will be able to stay in touch as much as you require and attend services with you, offer a listening ear, advice and information,as well as link you into other services such as food vouchers, employability, benefits, housing and homelessness advice, domestic abuse support and other services as needed. This service is open to anyone that wants it, initially for around 6 weeks,but can be extended as needed.

4ever Friends application form

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Your Details

Please be advised we are currently limited to the Grampian Area
16 Years
If you are under the age of 16, please visit Zone Youth
How You Identify
If You Do Not Have a Phone , Please let us know
Full-Time, Part-Time, Student, Unemployed etc
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About You

We will try to match Befrienders and service users as closely as possible, so please try to be as accurate as you can. No information on this form will be shared with any other services accept those that we are working with on this project, with your consent. No data will be stored anywhere after this service has ended. Your contact details will be deleted once contact has ended or at the end of the project, which ever comes first. You have the right to ask for all data stored of you on our system to be removed at any point during contact. Any referrals will only be done with your direct request/consent. Partners in this project include: Pink Saltire & Foundation Scotland